About Tony

Tony has been a winemaker since 2011, beginning in central Illinois. In 2016 he moved with his family to Traverse City, Michigan, where Tony honed his passion for making sparkling wine as the winemaker at Mawby for over seven years. From small batches of just 25 cases to large-scale productions of 20,000, his expertise spans a wide spectrum of sparkling wine production methods, including carbonated wine, Pétillant naturel (Pét-nat/Ancestral Method), Traditional Method, Charmat methods, as well as formula wines. In 2020, Tony completed his Master's degree in Enologoy, with a focus on sparkling wine production.

Tony's collaborative spirit has been prevalent throughout his career which led him to founding his sparkling winemaking consulting business, EnoCraft, in 2023. Through EnoCraft, he works closely with producers nationwide, fostering growth and innovation in sparkling wine production.

Additionally, Tony serves as the president of Parallel 45 Wines and Vines, a Northwest Michigan wine industry group dedicated to facilitating education and networking within the regional wine and grape community.